As we all know, Mumbai is not only a metropolitan city, but we know this city is famous for some special things, in which food comes second. If you love to eat good and tasty food, then Mumbai is absolutely the perfect place for you. So, we have listed some of the Famous food in Mumbai that you should try.

1. Batata Wada (famous Vada Pav in Mumbai)

Famous food in mumbai

I also know it as Vada pav. It is a famous food or snack in Mumbai. It is made from two ingredients Vada and Pav. One thing is for sure Mumbaikars can’t live without Batata Vada bite. It is made by mashing boiled potatoes, with green chilled, ginger paste, turmeric, onions, citrus juice, and coriander and then dipped into basan and deep fried. It is served with green chilies and chutney. Vada pav was first made in 1996 by a person named Ashok Vaidya and he set the first Vada pav stall at Dadar station.

  • Where to try: Near Chabildas high school, Dadar market.

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2. The Bombay Sandwich (famous street food in Mumbai)

Bombay sandwich is also one of the famous food in Mumbai. They make Bombay sandwiches with potatoes, cucumber, tomato, beetroot, onion, capsicum, chutney, and paneer in buttered white bread. If you want to add vegetables that are your choice. Then cut into four triangles, so that you can handle all the layers without spilling them, with each bite you get an awesome taste.

  • Where to try: Outside Xavier’s College, Dhobi Talao

3. Pav Bhaji (famous food in Mumbai)

It is one of the best street food dishes famous in Pune. It comprises vegetable curry that is typically served with soft bread known as pav. This dish is famous as a midnight snack by street vendors who prepared it with all leftover vegetables, which were mashed and combined with spices, ghee, and butter. People from this city can enjoy this snack very much.

  • Where to try: Sardar, 166A Tardeo Road Junction, Opp bus depot.

4. Bun Maska

Dipping Bun Maska in chai is the only way to eat it. It is an important part of the food for people in Mumbai. You can easily find this snack where ever you go in Mumbai from small stalls to big stalls. Bun Maska is a crusty bun that is heavily buttered and very soft. Along with these, it is eaten with milk or tea to enhance the taste of the bun. So if you want to eat the best Bun Maska, then you should go to Kayani Dhobi Talav.

  • Where to try: Kayani Dhobi Talav

5. Bhel puri

famous food in mumbai

It is one of the most important chat items in Pune. It is made up of puffed rice and mixed with tangy tamarind sauce, potatoes, onions, chat masala, sauce, and green chutney. Kalyan Bhel in Pune serves the most popular three types of Bhel that are Matki Bhel, Suki Bhel, and Oli Bhel. Many people from this city can have this snack as an evening meal.

  • Where to try: Sea Lounge, Taj Mahal Hotel, Apollo Bundar

6. Gajar ka Halwa (A famous sweet in Mumbai)

It is mainly the Punjabi carrot Halwa recipe. It is made with Grated carrots, milk, KOYA, dry fruits, and ghee, this halva has a divine taste and aroma that takes you to another world. This famous sweet is prepared in households all over India for offering to god on Puja days and to celebrate festivals and weddings.

  • Where to try: Shop No 2, Hari Leela apartment, Ram Mandir Road, Opp parle Book depot.

7. Keema Pav

This dish is totally filled with the Mughlai taste the dish is one of a kind. If you are coming to Mumbai for the first time, then you check this item on the Gulshan e Iranis menu. Further, you can try tikka masala, Garlic naan, Rabdi Kulfi, and Firni as well just for 450 rs for two people.

  • Cost: 450 Rs.
  • Where to try: 15, Corner Of MRA Marg, Musafir Khana Road, Crawford Market, Mumbai CST Area, Mumbai

8. Evas Pizza, Military road, Marol

The Indian fast food market has different types of pizzas but either they are overpriced or they have zero taste. But Eva pizza is a whole different thing and the restaurant itself as well. Their quick service and great pizza cost only 250rs. For big ones, it may cost upto 600rs.

  • Cost: 600rs
  • Where to try: 7, Harmony Apartments, Off Military Road, Marol, Mumbai