Throughout India, the different region has different culture, tradition, and food flavors. The Indian state of Kerala lies near the sea and has seafood as a staple food. Kerala cuisines include both vegetarian and nonvegetarian. Rice, Fish, and coconut are the most common elements of Kerala food. Here is the topmost famous food in Kerala that can make your Kerala trip more exciting.

1. Idiyappam with curry

Idiyappam with curry is one of the most famous dishes in Kerala. We also know it as Noolappam, made of rice flour, salt, and water which is kneaded into dough and through a special idiyappam mould with the thin sevai twisted together. It can be served with all kinds of curries, but it is best served with egg curry or meat curry. Idiyappam is also famous in the states of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka.

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2. Erissery (Famous food in Kerala)

Famous food in Kerala

Erissery is a dish that is made in every Kitchen in Kerala. It is a curry dish made from either raw plantations or sliced yams. It is prepared by boiling sweet pumpkins with salt, chilies, dried lentils, grated coconut, turmeric powder, cumin seeds, and garlic. It is served with a bed of rice. It is a favorite dish at the time of religious festivals like Onam.

3. Puttu and Kadala curry (famous food in kerala)

Famous food in Kerala

Puttu and Padala curry is one of the popular traditional dishes of Kerala. It is a cylindrical steamed rice cake that is cooked with grated coconut. It can be sub-served with ripe bananas, grated coconut, and Kadala curry. This curry is spicy and can be served with chapatis or pooris also a part of the Puttu.

4. Appam with Ishtu (Traditional food in Kerala)

Famous food in Kerala

It is also a traditional food of Kerala, basically a vegetarian dish, but it can be made with chicken or lamb. It is made from fermented rice flour, coconut milk, coconut water, and sugar. It is a thin pancake with crispy edges whereas Ishtu is a kind of stew that is made from coconut milk, cinnamon, cloves, and shallots and sometimes with mango pieces and vegetables.

5. Parippu curry

Parippu curry is also known as Dal curry, which is one of the delicious dishes of Kerala. It is made from small grams, of ghee, spices, and chilies.

6. Unniyappam

Famous food in Kerala

This is a famous sweet snack and a well-known bakery product in Kerala. One might think it is very difficult to prepare Unniyappam at home but, it is a snack that we can manage to prepare if the recipe is followed. It is prepared with combinations of Jaggery, rice flour, bananas, coconut bits, sesame seeds, and baking soda. There are recipes available on the internet and is a must-try sweet snack in Kerala.

7. Idly Sambar

Many items like DOSA and IDLY are available, but most liked the tiffin item in Kerala is Idly sambhar. They prepare it in two steaming hot soft Idlis dumped in a bowl-like saucer, spicy-sweet, and soulful sambhar. Moreover, You will get a taste until the whole Idlis must be dipped in sambhar. This item is available practically everywhere in Kerala states.

8. Kerala style Prawn curry

It is a famous dish and also seafood popular in Kerala, that is sprinkled with chili, Kerala masala, pepper, salt, turmeric, and other needed herbs cooked in whole coconut milk and Jaggery, and then garnished with curry leaves. It can be served with chapatis, rotis, and rice.

9. Kerala style Fish Molee

This is a simple dish, that is quite famous in Kerala that is prepared with a kingfish or seer fish. Fishes are made into a stew in an earthen pot. Coconut milk, kokum, spices like pepper, turmeric, cinnamon, cloves, and green chilies are added to enhance the taste.

10, Kerala Biryani

Biryani is not only famous in Kerala but famous in major parts of India. The Biryani in each region has its own taste and flavor to this dish. The biryani can be made as a vegetarian dish or with meat. Kerala being the state of seafood, fish is their favorite meat. It is prepared log with herbs, spices, and special biryani masala of Kerala.