Goa, the land of beaches, is a small state in India, bounded by the states of Maharashtra on the north, Karnataka on the east and west, and the Arabian Sea on the south, and also the biggest tourist destination in the country. They distinctly divided it into North Goa, and South Goa. Arambol, Anjuna, Morjim, Calangute, Baga, Miramar, Calangute, Candolim are just most popular beaches in North Goa. This small union territory attracts millions of tourists locally and internationally. If you will ever be in Goa, try some delicious food and desserts too. Check out here the top-notch five famous food items in Goa.

1. Goan Park Vindaloo

The word Vin comes from Vinegar and Ahlo means Garlic in the Portuguese language. Similarly, this special dish was named Vindaloo because they use potatoes and chilies in it. Besides, the dish contains pork, chilies, garlic, and a combination of various mixtures of different spices. The masala is prepared amazingly using chilies where the meat is mixed with vinegar. They then stored overnight the mixture. Likewise, the dish is prepared soberly using lots of garlic and onions.

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2. Kulkul (Famous food in Goa)

Famous food in Goa

It is a sweet dish of Goan recipe, which is made from coconut cream and wheat flour. During the time of Christmas, the recipe is made in every home. This dish looks very cute and made everyone taste it. Cooking a sweet dish is very common to everyone during the time of any festival.

3. Goan Red rice and Fish curry (A famous dish in Goa)

Famous food in Goa

Goan rice is way different from the normal white rice we eat in many parts of India. It is also called ukda rice. The Goan rice is unpolished slightest reddish brown and thick-grained. This rice has a nutty flavor to relish with coconut curries.

4. Goas Famous Feni

Cashew Feni or Kaju Feni is one of the local booze of Goa. The Feni is nothing but the raw extract of cashew that has a pleasant high. You can find coconut feni in the southern part of Goa which is fermented from the toddy of the coconut palm.

5. Prawn Balchao

Famous food in Goa

We basically eat prawn Bachao in white rice or as a spread for toast. It is a spicy prawn pickle that is prepared with chilies and spicy tomato sauce, caramelized onions, and coconut toddy.

6. Goan Recheado Mackerel Masala

It is a famous dish that is famous for its masala and the spices used to toss or grill anything on a pan. The unique masala prepared tastes so amazing that you can literally use it to coat anything irrespective of the fish, prawn, or any seafood & it would make it tastes rad! It is one of the basic & classic BBQ dishes of Gaon cuisine and goes best with any kind of salad.

7. Chicken Xacuti (Traditional food in Goa)

It is a traditional food of Goa. We also know it as Chicken Shakuti. In Goa, it is the most famous recipe. You might find the recipe at any other place, but Goa has the best taste of it, made with roasted grated coconut with pieces of chicken or beef. They fully loaded the dish with spices.

8. Bhojan, Panjim (Famous veg food in Goa)

Gujarati and Rajasthani cuisines are the first two things when you think of vegetarian food in India. Bhojan, a part of Fidalgo’s Food Enclave, offers the best Gujarati/Marwari thali in town. Each thali has over 30 delicious assortments made with authentic recipes passed down the generations since the rule of Maharajas over there. Its most popular meal is the Gujarathi Thali, with its sweet and sour Gujarathi Kadhi, as well as samosa farsan and chass. On Sunday evenings, Bhojan offers Puran poli a type of sweet dish.

  • Meal for two: Rs. 700
  • Location: Hotel Fidalgo, 18th June Road, Panaji, Goa
  • Timings: 12 pm–3 pm & 7 pm–11 pm
  • Contact Number: 0832-2226291

9. Dodol (Famous sweet in Goa)

Famous food in Goa

It is one of the famous sweets in Goa, and actually a delightful recipe for Goa. A sweet Christmas-time treat, dodol is a dense pudding, not dissimilar to halwa, that gets its sweetness and characteristic brown hue from the use of jaggery. Other ingredients that go into it include raw paddy rice flour, coconut milk, and cashews. Traditionally prepared over firewood, this concoction gives a new meaning to melt-in-the-mouth.

10. Sorpotel

It is a spicy pork dish, and it is very famous delicious Pork curry dish in Goa. It is a hard core Non vegetarian dish. This is the most famous food of Goa from Christian families. Widely Consumed during the Christmas festival. In this homemade Pork curry dish, Pork is cooked with Spices and Vinegar.