Darjeeling is all about exploring mountains, then you’re probably living under the rocks This town in West Bengal is also famous for some absolute mouth-watering food options, momos being the king of them. Darjeeling has some of the most beautiful cafes that offer music, food, books, and more. We have found some of the top five famous food in Darjeeling that you must try next time.

1. Momos

famous food in Darjeeling

Darjeeling momos are popular all over India. Momos of Darjeeling are more popular and fluffier than the usual momos which we get in the metropolitan cities. Veg, chicken, and pork stuffings are blended beautifully with the hilly spices giving a twist to our taste buds. Food joints in Darjeeling serve seven to eight of these delicacies with smoothing veg or chicken stew. You can try chicken and pork momos in the local street market just beside the Darjeeling Mall. The Kunga restaurant in Gandhi Road is another popular restaurant where you can try some delicious momos.

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2. ThukPa (Famous street food in Darjeeling)

famous food in Darjeeling

Apart from Momos, another street food that is commonly available in Darjeeling is Thukpa. It is of Tibetan origin as well. It is basically hot noodle soup with pieces of vegetables, bread crumbs, or meat and eggs in case it’s non-veg. It is considered a starter but can easily fill your stomach. The Devekas restaurant and Kunga Restaurant are some places to have the best Thukpa.

3. Sha Phaley (Famous food in Darjeeling)

famous food in Darjeeling

It is also known as Shabhaley, a delicious Tibetan dish of bread and is commonly stuffed with meat or cabbage. They are then usually fashioned into circular or semi-circular shapes and are pan-fried or deep-fried. It is softened and served with Chutney or roasted barley and cheese. You can get these snacks in, almost all Tibetian restaurants in Darjeeling.

4. Sekuwa

Sekuwa is another delicious street food that you must try at least once when you are out on the Darjeeling tour. These are basically Nepalese-style kebabs. To prepare this dish, the raw meat is mixed with natural herbs and spices, and other ingredients and is then roasted in a natural wood fire. These are then served by garnishing with finely chopped onion, ginger, and coriander, and sprinkled with lemon juice if desired. Sekuwa is another one of the commonly available street foods in Darjeeling. You can try these from local street markets just beside the Darjeeling Mall. It tastes delicious.

5. Chhurpi

Chhupri, also spelled as Chupree, is a milk-based snack item that is quite popular in Darjeeling. It tastes like cheese and comes both in hard and soft forms. I considered this a healthy snack and you can definitely try it for a unique experience. They are so popular that you can buy them on Amazon. You can get Chhurpi from almost all restaurants in Darjeeling. This dish is unique to the area of this city.

6. Noodles

Noodles might be extremely popular all over the world, but here are the noodles at mostly homemade and thus you will get a unique taste. But for that, you need to try it out in the small locally run restaurants or in the roadside stalls and not in the fancy restaurants. You can get a variety of noodles from soupy to Hakka noodles and from thick to thin. They are often prepared with small pieces of vegetables like cabbage and carrots to enhance the taste. In this city, you can get both types of noodles veg and non-veg noodles. Basically, Non-veg noodles are usually prepared with Chicken or Pork.