Bangalore is famous for mainly Sambhar vada. We can find some of the food in little carts or in small houses. People from Namma Ooru can try the Famous food in Bangalore that is listed below.

1. Idly Dip sambhar

Famous food in Bangalore

Many items like DOSA and IDLY are available, but most liked the tiffin item in Bangalore is Idly Dip sambhar. They prepare it in two steaming hot soft Idlis dumped in a bowl-like saucer, spicy-sweet, and soulful sambhar. You will get a taste until the whole Idlis must be dipped in sambhar. This item is available practically everywhere in Bangalore. The best one is Amruth Vegetarian.

  • Where to try: Amruth vegetarian, Nahar Heritage Hotel, 14, St marks road, Bangalore, India.
  • Contact Number: 8022214988
  • Price: 60.

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2. Bisi Bele Bath (Famous food in Bangalore)

Famous food in Bangalore

It is a widespread “rice item” available at most south Indian Hotels. It is combined with rice, lentils, veggies, mild flavors of spices, and also ghee. It features total combined rice, veggies, and ghee together like a khichdi, and serves with Onions, Papad, Raita, boondi, chips, and so forth When you taste it, you can get a wholesome experience.

  • Where to try: Maiya’s, 119/1,11th cross, Ground floor, Srinidhi Complex, Opposite Venugopal temple, Sampige Road, Malleshwaram, Bangalore.
  • Contact Number: 8040907332
  • Price: 60-180.

3. Gobi Manchurian (Famous food in Bangalore)

Famous food in Bangalore

Gobi Manchurian is North India’s eternal favorite Gobi meets china’s legendary Manchurian style of dish. They prepared it with slices of cabbage mixed with some corn flour and kept aside for some minutes and boiled it in Hot oil. After boiling, these cabbage balls are deep-fried and tossed into dark soya sauce. Chopped spring onions and vinegar add to the taste. So, the crispy, tangy, spice preparation of Gobi Manchurian is a portion of famous street food in Bangalore by the youth. The gravy variant is also available. You can try this snack on various streets of Bangalore. But I would suggest the best one is, Spicy corner in Jeevanbheema Nagar.

  • Where to try: Srinathji in Marathahalli.
  • Price: 50-200
  • Contact Number: 9535822209.

4. Mangalore buns (Best Mangalorean food)

It is a local famous delicacy food in the Udipi region. It is sweet, tender, and fluffy, made up of mashed bananas, flour, and sugar, and spiced with a touch of ground cumin. It is also a famous specialty dish in the Mangalore region of Karnataka. These Mangalore buns or poori are generally served with Coconut chutney and Sambhar.

  • Where to try: Chetty’s corner on Serpentine Road, and New Krishna Bhavan in Sirur park.
  • Price: 20-200
  • Contact Number: 08023560940

5. Momos

This is one of the most popular best street food in Bangalore. Momos dominate Bangalore’s food scene and there are many variants available in these momos like chicken, paneer, vegetables, and lamb that you can get in the city. Bangalore momos are smaller than those in the north. Mainly this dish is served with red tangy sauce and with green chutney.

  • Where to try: Taste of Tibet, 2nd floor, Indo Dubai Plaza, Rest house road, Momo hut, Bangalore, India
  • Must try: Chicken momos, and Cheese momos.
  • Price: 50-200
  • Contact Number: 8041478237

6. Bangalore’s famous Biryani and Restaurant (Lucknowiz restaurant)

It is one of the best and most famous biryani in Namma Bengaluru. Biryani is so delicious. Chunks of meat and rice are partially cooked and then shifted to a sealed pot to be slow-cooked under a simmering fire. It is one of the most well-loved restaurants in the city that serves authentic pot-cooked Lucknowi Biryani. This biryani is fragrant, rich, and nothing short of royalty.

  • Where to try: 7th main road, off 80 Feet road, Koramangala, Bangalore, India
  • Must try: Afghani Chicken and Shami kebab.
  • Price: 250-500
  • Contact Number: 8861997764

7. Bangalore’s famous sweet (Mysore Pak)

Mysore Pak originated in the Kitchen of Mysore palace and become a hot favorite sweet in Karnataka. Mysore Pak, drowned in ghee, sugar, and gram flour, melts on the tongue and melts the heart as well.

  • Where to try: 301A, 34th A cross Road, 4th Block, Jayanagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka
  • Price: 300rs for 1kg
  • Contact Number: 9845194854
  • Timings: 8:00 am to 10:00 pm

8. Chat and Pani Puri

In the evenings, you will find lots of Deliciouses street foods. Many of the Bangalore people like Pani puri and Chat. Many varieties of Chats are available right from Khattha Meetha Panipuri to Crispy Bhel Puri. A couple of Chat varieties to undertake are Dahi Puri, Aloo Chat, and Samosa Chat.

  • Where to try: Karnataka Bhel And Sri Sairam’s Chaat In Malleshwaram, Srinivas Chats In Tata Silk Farm KR Road. Puchkas In Marathahalli, Rakesh Kumar Pani Puri Stall, and Tengu Mane In Rajaji Nagar.

9. Rolls and Kebabs

Every Bangalorean must taste this delicious snack in street vendors right from whole fried chicken to shawarma rolls, and grilled chicken. The rolls are wrapped in crispy and thin parathas having both vegetarian and nonvegetarian stuffings. The rolls in Bangalore start at about Rs 50.

  • Where to try: Shivaji Nagar, Johnson Market, and Fraser Town are great places to undertake Kebabs and Rolls, Especially During Eid, and other festivals.

9. Obbattu

It is a Flatbread dessert, a different type of snack. Made up of Maida with a full mixture of Peanuts, Sugar, Lentils, and Ghee. This dish is generally made during the South Indian festival Makar Sankranti which is celebrated in January.

  • Where to try: Holige Mane In Malleswaram And Jayanagar, Rotti Mane In JP Nagar. Click Here To Get More Details Of Bangalore Foods.

10. Sandwiches

If you wanna try Bangalore’s famous sandwiches, you can visit Hari’s super sandwich stall in Bangalore is super crowded with people coming here for mouth-watering sandwiches. There are different Hari stalls in different parts of the city. You can choose the one close to your residence. The price here starts from Rs 50 and 100.