Pondicherry literally means “New settlement” which is 200km south of Chennai (Madras). Pondichery is easily accessible from nearby metropolises such as Bangalore and Chennai. This city is one of the most mesmerizing destinations in South India. On the way to Pondicherry, tourists can see lots of typical sceneries, striking red soil, and green vegetation comprising neem, and cashew plantations forming a stunning landscape. Here, you will find information about the best time to visit Pondicherry and the best seasons.

Best time to visit Pondicherry

Best time to visit Pondicherry

Many people visit on weekends the place in order to take in a good ambiance away from hustle and bustle of the city. Famous for its backwaters along with gothic churches, bright colored houses, and bougainvillea-laden walls this is one of the best honeymoon destinations in South India. Pondicherry is so hot and humid throughout the year and it is known to have a warm climate but the best time to visit Pondicherry is between the months of October to March. These are the winter months of Pondicherry, visitors can enjoy water sports activities and sightseeing, and more. The temperature does not get below 17 degrees celsius but sometimes the temperature ranges between 15-30 degrees Celsius. December end and January starting are quite charming with New year and Christmas celebrations. This is the best time when activity increases in Aurobindo Ashram as there are birth and death anniversaries of the Mother and Shree Aurobindo.

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In Summer (March-June)

Summers can be extremely hot and humid in Pondicherry. The temperature in summers remains between 26-degree Celsius and to 42-degree Celsius. Sunscreens and Umbrellas can come in handy at this time of the year. A little rainfall can help the temperature and this is the time you can enjoy some attractions in Pondicherry by indulging in water sports activities at beaches like Plage Paradise and Puducherry beach.

In Winters (October-March)

Among all three seasons, winter is the ideal time to go to Pondicherry and witness all together its glory. Winters are pleasantly cool in Pondicherry and will give you great pleasure while exploring the city. The temperature remains between a minimum 22-degree Celsius to a maximum of 32-degree Celsius which is the reason; I suggest visitors carry warm clothes.

Things to do:

  • Indulge in scuba diving
  • Explore the city on a bike
  • Shop your heart out at Pondicherry’s markets.
  • Experience Yoga ay Yoganjali Natyalayam
  • Go on a boat ride
  • Try yachting or sailing
  • Enjoy mesmerizing sunrise at Rock Beach
  • Birdwatching at Ouster Lake

Festivals to celebrate in Winter

  • International Yoga Festival, between 4th and 7th January
  • Pongal, January
  • Shiva Ratri, 13th February
  • Mothers Birth Anniversary, 21st January

In Monsoon (July-September)

Monsoons in the Pondicherry unit may be the foremost unpredictable of all the seasons. Pondicherry receives very irregular rainfall and the temperature ranges between 25 degrees to 35 degrees Celsius. Monsoon is a perfect season to enjoy the natural beauty of Pondicherry. The month of August is also considered being as the best time to visit Pondicherry as the celebration across the city is held to commemorate the birthday of Aurobindo.

Things to do in Pondicherry

  • Visit Auroville
  • Go on a city tour
  • Try surfing at Serenity beach
  • Take a boat ride at Chunnambar Boat House
  • Indulge in mouth-watering cuisine
  • Visit churches of Pondicherry