Coorg is a place lots of people visit all year round, but January is the best time to visit Coorg. If you are in Bangalore or nearby, consider yourself lucky because there are plenty of hill stations with the natural beauty of climatic conditions for the best way to relax. As you can see down below, the best seasons and best months to visit Coorg.

Best time to visit Coorg

Best time to visit Coorg

It is one of the top Hill stations near Bangalore to visit in Karnataka, India. Coorg is the name with which masses remember this hill beauty of the south, which is nothing but the anglicized version of the local name of the place, Kodagu. Misty hills, lush forest, coffee and tea plantations, orange groves, undulating streets, and breathtaking views have made Coorg an unforgettable holiday destination. Here, there is a famous river Cauvery is originated in the hills of Coorg at Talacauvery. The Coorg hill station captivates tourists with its heat and humidity. The temperature doesn’t go past 40*c or fall underneath 10*c. Once summer is close by, it would be the perfect time to enjoy Coorg with families and friends. In the same way, the best time to visit Coorg is during that time from December to February. The temperature of Coorg stays wonderful at around 25 degrees in the mid-year season though, Coorg’s temperature dips under 10 degrees Celsius in the cold weather.

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Best seasons to visit Coorg

Coorg is a year-round destination, so you can plan a trip whenever you want. It has a moderate climate that makes every season the best season to visit Coorg. It receives heavy rainfall during the monsoons making the roads muddy but you shouldn’t stop enjoying a lazy weekend in the hill station. And also you can indulge in some adventure activities like trekking and sightseeing.

Best Month to visit Ooty

April is the best month to visit Ooty, as it is springtime, Coorg hill station weather is quite amazing with little rain and warm weather. While visiting Ooty tourists can avoid traveling in the months of July and August, as the climate in Coorg is not at its best, and the place experiences heavy rainfall and landslides.

In Winter (December to February)

Best time to visit Coorg

Winter is the best time to visit Coorg for honeymooners. The temperature goes down to a comfortable 10*c with the most extreme temperature of 25*c. Compared to summer, people love to visit Coorg in winter. During October, you can expect the temperature to drop drastically. This is the time the winter begins. You can do some adventurous activities like trekking, rafting, hiking will be even more fun during winter in Coorg. The weather in Coorg goes down to even 8 degrees. The chill and freezing wind invitees tourists from all over South India. Hence, Winter is the best time to visit Coorg.

In Summer (March to May)

The summer stretches out from March to May in the south, and the temperature at Coorg goes from 25*c to 35*c making it ideal for intense warmth. At a height of 3840 feet above ocean level, this slope station is the ideal summer region to revive and unwind. So you can consider Coorg weather in April is decent and far better than surrounding cities. This is the reason many tourists drive to Coorg during summer. The maximum temperature in May reaches above 35* degrees. Anyway, it is the best place to visit Coorg in Summer.

In Monsoon (June to September)

The place enjoys good rain during the Monsoons, and the whole place becomes green. Sometimes rain may get a bit too intense as you can expect more than 400mm of rainfall. It continues to be the same till September. The intensity of rainfall would be more might not be the best time for adventurous activities. So, people avoid visiting Coorg during the Monsoon season. Monsoon is the best time to visit Coorg for people with budget Constraints.

October-November (Coorg in late monsoons)

This is probably the best time to visit Coorg. In the late storm a very long time after the spate of downpours, you can go climbing and traveling in the Western Ghats. The climate is ideal for both thrill-seekers and loosened-up travelers. The valley is straight from the rainstorm, and overflowing with life during this time. The Kaveri Sankramana and Madikeri Dasera are two different celebrations that are commended with grandeur and euphoria, making this time the best time for social aficionados to visit Coorg.

Peak season in Ooty

As we all know Coorg is a year-round destination, with the temperature ranging from 15 to 30 degrees Celsius throughout the year. Though, October to March is the best time for adventure and activities like trekking. March and April are the favored months to experience the beautiful valley surrounded by white flowers and full of greenery.

Off-season in Ooty

The Monsoon season last from June to September in Coorg, hence there are more chances of rainfall during this period.

Peak Season to visit Coorg Off-Season to visit Coorg
October to March June to September (Monsoon)
Most Popular Less popular
Most Crowded Less Crowd
Higher prices Cheap Prices
Festivals Nothing of this sort

Coorg Tourism

In the past few years, Coorg tourism has seen exponential growth in the number of tourists visiting Coorg each year. The best time to visit this place is from October to March because the biggest peak of tourists visiting this place is during winter. Coorg does not have the infrastructure where all these tourists can stay during their visit.