Andaman has stucked around 400km away from the east coast of India, and it is connected to a variety of islands. Pearly white sands and Palm lined shores are famous among tourists and there are many activities for trekking, snorkeling, and many more that you’re looking for. To know more information about the Best time to visit Andaman, go through this Article.

Best time to visit Andaman (November-February)

Best time to visit Andaman

The Best time to visit Andaman though is from November to February, December and January are peak tourist seasons in Andaman. Some of the best tourist places to visit are Cellular Jail, Anthropological Museum, Mount Harriet National Park, Radhanagari Beach, and many more. Other than these, you can also explore so many beaches here. Basically, Andaman is known for like the Elephant beach which is ideal for snorkeling, In this region, the weather remains cool from January to April, and it is hot from the months of April to May. While sitting on the beaches, tourists can enjoy the sunset here and can explore the vibrant coral reefs. Andaman has 572 islands and only 37 people have inhabited them, the rest of the island is full of forests and has a dense forest island. It is the best place for all families, friends, and honeymooners and this will attract you to visit this place again and again.

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In Monsoon (July to September) (Best time to visit Andaman)

It is not the best season to visit Andaman and Nicobar during Monsoon because the sea waves are volatile. The monsoon starts in July and lasts till September and the temperature is between 22 degrees Celsius to 35 degrees Celsius. There would be heavy showers, so you cannot do any of the water activities here during this period.

In Summer (April to July)

Summer temperatures are between 24° and 37° degrees Celsius. During this time all the sports activities are open to tourists. During this season the base temperature varies from 24*c and the most extreme temperature stays around 34*c. For individuals who love water sports, this is the ideal place to visit during this season. This is the perfect time for sightseeing tours of attractions like long Island, Little Andaman, Smith, Ross Island, and Havelock.

In Winter (October to March)

During winter, the weather remains mild and pleasant. Temperatures range between 20° and 30° degrees Celsius, and there is no winter chill, that’s why this is the perfect time to visit this place and you can do all activities that you’re looking for. Winter is from October to March and the weather is cool and mildly pleasant.